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What Is A Recipe?

You will notice that at The Gourmet-O-Matic tm we deal primarily with the principles of creating gourmet fare with less emphasis on actual, strictly measured recipes.

For recipes (with measurements) and variations that can make trillions of meal combinations, see The FitnessMed tm Guide To Healthy Eating.

The key to gourmet foods is applying the principles to the ingredients.

To make gourmet foods you can continue to assemble meals as you do currently (either with or without a recipe) with the only changes being the substitution of some ingredients with those found in The Gourmet-O-Matic tm Substitutions Guides.

Practically speaking, what is a recipe, really?

Recipes are suggestions of what items go together, in what proportions and according to what method as determined by some individual.

Recipes are not laws hewn in stone. (Arguably, baked goods fall outside this characterization as their science is a bit more complex. We do not deal with making baked goods at The Gourmet-O-Matic tm.)

However, the combinations of tastes are since they are constrained in large part by the anatomy and biology of our taste buds. This is where The Gourmet-O-Matic tm concentrates.

Recipes are actually starting points for personalizing to your tastes. Presumably much of what you already prepare is personalized to you.

The Gourmet-O-Matic tm provides principles for taking that which you already know and transforming it into something more special.

And if you do not already make dishes similar to those presented here, then this is your opportunity to break away from the day in and day out to explore something new.

Adjust recipes, any recipe from any source, to your liking using the principles and Food Substitution Guides of The Gourmet-O-Matic tm.

No one can predict your palate. No one can satisfy it as you can.

Despite what you were probably told as a kid, go ahead and play with your food.

If you are interested in recipes and strategies for making breakfasts, lunches, dinners, side dishes, desserts, spice blends, soups and stews, some can be found in The FitnessMed tm Guide To Healthy Eating. Calorie contents are also provided.

The FitnessMed tm Guide To Healthy Eating explains standard serving sizes for entrees and side dishes and how to calculate your caloric needs based on your current and desired weights.

The strategies used by The Gourmet-O-Matic tm can be found in Dr. Applebaum's meal strategy guide, The FitnessMed tm Guide To Healthy Eating. That book contains recipes for over 1 trillion (yes, with a "T") meal combinations.

All of Dr. Applebaum's books can be found here.