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The Principles of Spicing Foods

As already mentioned, from cuisine to cuisine, proteins hardly vary. Chicken is chicken whether it is Teriyaki, Tandoori, Almond Ding or Vesuvio. What differs, basically, is the sauce, spicing, marinade, cooking method or a combination of these.

At The Gourmet-O-Matic tm spice blends are used to create distinctive and unique tastes for proteins.

The Gourmet-O-Matic tm Spice Blends Guide lists different combinations of various spices which can be used to impart cuisine-specific qualities to entrees.

Spices can be applied directly to the proteins or used in a marinade.

Though spice blends at The Gourmet-O-Matic tm are emphasized for their use with proteins, they can be included in side dishes, used to top breads, etc.

The FitnessMed tm Guide To Healthy Eating explains standard serving sizes for entrees and side dishes and how to calculate your caloric needs based on your current and desired weights.

The strategies used by The Gourmet-O-Matic tm can be found in Dr. Applebaum's meal strategy guide, The FitnessMed tm Guide To Healthy Eating. That book contains recipes for over 1 trillion (yes, with a "T") meal combinations.

All of Dr. Applebaum's books can be found here.